Is it better to be a Woman and look like one or look like a Man??

I found this article on the Feedly website written by Anonymous titled, “It is easier now that I look like a guy.

Although this writer is a woman she looks like a man. She points out that she was inspired by a question found on Twitter by Kortney Ziegler:  “so much energy focused on women in tech — rightfully so — but for trans men or other non binary gender identities…crickets…”

She believes masculine privilege is a powerful thing.

In meetings she stated her opinion without apologizing. She gets along with her co-workers and they even go out to lunch (mostly men). I’m pretty sure from her statements from her article that she wants everyone to think that she is a man expect her HR who is the only one who really knows her true identity. She constantly reminds her about her haircuts so no one is suspicious about her gender.

She now dresses like all the men at her job with their uniforms. She does not wear make up. She also talks about how she enters the bathroom, when necessary, if no one is around. She states :

“Men still tell me openly that they think women are better at “that people stuff” than “technical things”, as though their opinion outweighs my experience and citations and as though technical problems were not caused by people. They say that boys are better at math, as though they don’t turn to StackOverflow any time they need an equation. A few brave and very ignorant men suggest that it’s my masculinity that enables me to code. I tell them the best software development class I took was Introduction to Writing Poetry and I am the only one in it who became a programmer.”

She says that online she is assumed man or dismissed, belittled and told to make sandwiches. In closing she came to the conclusion that being a man is easy. It is also deeply uncomfortable as if she has to erase her “other” life, but things can be more complicated.

As I mentioned in my last blog, this circles around the same theme. We are women are discriminated against and assumed to know nothing about everything! Not Fair!