Twitter as an educational tool!

While browsing through my news feed on twitter, I have noticed a lot of teachers that I have followed, posting incredible articles and ideas that I can use in my future classroom, and I have really enjoyed this part of twitter. I’ve always thought of using Google to come up with creative ideas for my future classroom, but never twitter. I have been told by many teachers that you will find your best ideas from other teachers and their classrooms. Twitter has now opened up a whole new venue for me to find ideas and information on things I can use in my future classroom. One person who’s tweets I was drawn to specifically was Charlotte Murphy, who is a teacher in Dubai. Her tweets are always about using and encouraging creativity and technology in the classroom, which I am a fan of as well. One specific tweet I saw after browsing through her page that I was interested in was one where she posted about an article that discussed different ways to look at intelligence. Many different ways were discussed, and they are all important for a teacher and especially someone like myself who is planning to become a teacher in the near future. It is important for the teacher to understand each child and their intelligence and what in their life has contributed to their intelligence. I have tweeted her, but unfortunately she has not answered me.  This may be because of how busy teachers are on a regular basis, and that’s understandable. I was very happy, however, with the information and ideas I found on her page and many other educator’s pages.