Information ecologies

Technology: What will they come up with next?

I made a Prezi, which for those who don’t know is a PowerPoint, but just a little more entertaining for my class.

The entire project provided background on what I think writing has come and changed to. Throughout the class we had to make Twitter accounts, for those who didn’t have them, and put it to use. I’ve always heard about Twitter and how useful it was but never took the time to find out for myself. This class has introduced me to a whole different world and I am thankful I’ve had the chance to do so. Here’s a sample of the things discussed within my Prezi.

-We as a society sometimes cannot handle the amount of access we have when it comes to information  and writing through technology. Technology is growing and slowly changing our meaning of what the definition of writing is to us.

-Throughout the years we’ve seen writing as something hand-written on a piece of paper or something that could be transferred through a type writer.

-Now-a-days our technology has taken over and replaced, in a sense, these old techniques into something most of us find much for complicated, but easier quicker and more useful.

-We came from old techniques such as going to the local library looking through many books in order to find certain information that you are looking for …

…Now simply going to the internet on either your computer at home or your cell phone and looking up information on your topic and having access to anything that relates to that particular thing.

-This fact that technology is growing has advanced our research techniques as well as ways to connect to people.

-We now have these things called social networks. I was not aware that we have as many social networks as we do. Some of which consists of : Facebook, Zite, Primastic,Twitter, FourSquare Linkedin,and many many more.

-I believe their goal was to create a community into specific topics, which are the ones we research, while connecting their social networks. This is a sort of message Nardi & O’Day express in their article “Information Ecologies.” The idea that participants of an information ecology can establish the identity and place of the technologies that are found there.

-We also now have places we can store these articles or information we have gotten a hold of for our pieces. Instead of notepads and voice recordings we have programs such as Storify or Feedly.

 What will they come up with next?! I will admit I am a little scared, but at the same time excited about what else can come from what we already have.