Role Reversal Gone Viral

While I found myself browsing┬áZite recently, I stumbled upon an article about a French short film that has gone viral. In this video, the creator decided to make a statement by creating a video that followed a man throughout his daily routine. But the viewer soon comes to realize that this man isn’t depicted as a “typical” male figure. The viewer slowly will realize that not only is this man a “house-husband”, but he is living in a world where the gender roles are completely switched.


Throughout his day, the viewer witnesses him be a victim of prejudice, sexual and verbal harassment, and a relationship where he does not have any control of the struggles within. I personally really liked this video, because although it is cliche of me, as a woman, to say there are double standards, this video clearly exemplifies that there is a double standard between men and women. These things happen to women constantly, but because they are women, these occurrences are often overlooked. This video going viral shows that maybe the viewers, both man and woman, are noticing the double standard of gender roles, and maybe we are taking yet another step forward in the progression of equality. The fact that this message was put into “entertainment” as a video, made it much more powerful. Hearing about these stories doesn’t really have as much of an effect on people as much as viewing it first hand does.