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Technology: What will they come up with next?

I made a Prezi, which for those who don’t know is a PowerPoint, but just a little more entertaining for my class.

The entire project provided background on what I think writing has come and changed to. Throughout the class we had to make Twitter accounts, for those who didn’t have them, and put it to use. I’ve always heard about Twitter and how useful it was but never took the time to find out for myself. This class has introduced me to a whole different world and I am thankful I’ve had the chance to do so. Here’s a sample of the things discussed within my Prezi.

-We as a society sometimes cannot handle the amount of access we have when it comes to information  and writing through technology. Technology is growing and slowly changing our meaning of what the definition of writing is to us.

-Throughout the years we’ve seen writing as something hand-written on a piece of paper or something that could be transferred through a type writer.

-Now-a-days our technology has taken over and replaced, in a sense, these old techniques into something most of us find much for complicated, but easier quicker and more useful.

-We came from old techniques such as going to the local library looking through many books in order to find certain information that you are looking for …

…Now simply going to the internet on either your computer at home or your cell phone and looking up information on your topic and having access to anything that relates to that particular thing.

-This fact that technology is growing has advanced our research techniques as well as ways to connect to people.

-We now have these things called social networks. I was not aware that we have as many social networks as we do. Some of which consists of : Facebook, Zite, Primastic,Twitter, FourSquare Linkedin,and many many more.

-I believe their goal was to create a community into specific topics, which are the ones we research, while connecting their social networks. This is a sort of message Nardi & O’Day express in their article “Information Ecologies.” The idea that participants of an information ecology can establish the identity and place of the technologies that are found there.

-We also now have places we can store these articles or information we have gotten a hold of for our pieces. Instead of notepads and voice recordings we have programs such as Storify or Feedly.

 What will they come up with next?! I will admit I am a little scared, but at the same time excited about what else can come from what we already have.


Twitter!! Something I Never Thought About

When it came to Twitter I was never a fan. Many of my friends tried to convince me to get an account and join the world of Twitter, but in my eyes it was just something else to add to my addiction list. When I thought of Twitter it was always just the thought that I can connect with my friends and see what they are up to.

It was not until entering this module of Intro to Writing Arts that I seen what Twitter was “good” for. I had a chance to see how it can benefit me with my future. I began to follow other educators as well as websites that gave me more information about the world and anything about education. For example, I seen a post by We Are Teachers that read:

#PreK to 2 Teachers: Take a dance break and teach #firesafety at the same time with @Stevesongs  #edchat #earlyed

As soon as I took a look at this post I was engaged and knew it was something I could use for my future students considering that I want to be an Elementary School teacher. I was able to views lots of profiles from educators or article websites; although I’ve tried to contact a couple of them and they have not responded. I notice that they are posting things all day and may not be able to take the time out contact me back, which is okay.

Without the knowledge that I’ve gained within this classroom about Twitter there is no way I would be able to use these great ideas that others have to include in my classrooms.

Is it better to be a Woman and look like one or look like a Man??

I found this article on the Feedly website written by Anonymous titled, “It is easier now that I look like a guy.

Although this writer is a woman she looks like a man. She points out that she was inspired by a question found on Twitter by Kortney Ziegler:  “so much energy focused on women in tech — rightfully so — but for trans men or other non binary gender identities…crickets…”

She believes masculine privilege is a powerful thing.

In meetings she stated her opinion without apologizing. She gets along with her co-workers and they even go out to lunch (mostly men). I’m pretty sure from her statements from her article that she wants everyone to think that she is a man expect her HR who is the only one who really knows her true identity. She constantly reminds her about her haircuts so no one is suspicious about her gender.

She now dresses like all the men at her job with their uniforms. She does not wear make up. She also talks about how she enters the bathroom, when necessary, if no one is around. She states :

“Men still tell me openly that they think women are better at “that people stuff” than “technical things”, as though their opinion outweighs my experience and citations and as though technical problems were not caused by people. They say that boys are better at math, as though they don’t turn to StackOverflow any time they need an equation. A few brave and very ignorant men suggest that it’s my masculinity that enables me to code. I tell them the best software development class I took was Introduction to Writing Poetry and I am the only one in it who became a programmer.”

She says that online she is assumed man or dismissed, belittled and told to make sandwiches. In closing she came to the conclusion that being a man is easy. It is also deeply uncomfortable as if she has to erase her “other” life, but things can be more complicated.

As I mentioned in my last blog, this circles around the same theme. We are women are discriminated against and assumed to know nothing about everything! Not Fair!

Guys Not wanting women/people of color to write Science Fiction

I got this article from one of my classmates Amanda Yacovelli via Twitter from Zite! This particular article was written by Aja Romano titled, “Apparently, these guys don’t want women to write science fiction” found on The Daily Dot.

It came up as a conversation on a science-fiction forum. That forum revealed a section of a community that’s teaming with indignation about recent attempts to make the genre more progressive. Towards the end of the debate a group of “highly influential writers” spent a couple days lamenting the rise of increasingly vocal women and minorities in their community.  Apparently it was told the guys who said these things forgot that what they wrote is public. Tumblr

is one of the social networks that is displaying the conversation, which turned out to be more sexest than about the topic itself.

The article states:

“Among the participants who are displeased at the recent influx of diversity in their community is award-winning author Raymond Feist, who eyerolled at “fugheads determined to use the organization to further their own agenda.”

Another participant, Sean P. Fodera, ranted about writer Mary Robinette Kowal, painting her feminism as hypocrisy. Why? Because she sometimes takes full-body photographs and wears dresses with low necklines, apparently.”

convo 1

The article states that last year the editor of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) newsletter resigned over widespread allegations of sexism. From a systemic lack of diversity to major uphill battles of women and writers of color as a representation of the sci-fi publishing industry. After reading this I must say I’m applaud. How much longer do people of color or women have to put up with stuff like this? Do they not know how it makes them feel?

Kowal claimed some members from the SFWA had harassed her while she was vice president and secretary of organization. They didn’t think she was good for the job because she was a women even with her years of experience.  The 1,800 members of the SFWA are responsible for nominating the Nebula, a major science-fiction award.

It’s sad to say we are still fighting battles similar to this and that is not acceptable, to me!

Jen Welter

I found this articlethat Arielle Armenti tweeted on Twitter and was instantly happy for us women!

jen wel

First and foremost take a look at her body! So built and for all the men out there we can be as built as you are or can be stronger than you.

I was amazed after reading this article. This article is titled “Jen welter becomes first woman to play in men’s pro football league in contact position” written by Nina Mandell. Jen is 36 years old. For those who are familiar with football, she finished with 3 rushes for a loss of one yard. Throughout the article she mentions moments that she would tease some of the other players on the team, who were men. Jen was simply the first woman to play a contact position not the first woman to play in a men’s professional football league. This article states that Patricia Palinkas appeared as a holder for the men’s semi-pro Orlando Panthers in 1970. Julie Harshbarger and Katharine Hnida kicked in men’s pro games four decades later.

I love some of her inspirational words, “I’m an athlete, I’m competitive,” she said. “But the bigger thing for me is obviously for little girls to see they can do everything just like little boys can.”

She can be a great role model to children around the world, especially for those girls who love football but feel as though they cannot play because it’s a “man’s sport.” She is like a modern Rosie the Riveter. She can encourage any young girl to follow their dreams and do what they want to do. A good influence if you ask me!

The Role in Women in Movies

The role of women have changed throughout the years when it comes to the movies. One thing that remained the same was the fact that the directors try to attract the male audience by placing “eye candy” in these movies. It’s a way of gaining more viewers.

This article I’ve read titled How the Role of Women Has Changed in Movies: Changing Role of Women in Cinema written by Tinashe Nyatanga. She stated that in the 50s men would flock to the movies screens all because of one sensation. She claimed that they merely focused on ladies such as Marilyn Monroe. She was known and attractive because of her appearance- her blonde hair and perfect lips. She expresses the fact that the first characteristic is that the leads roles are played by women. She talks about the women as leads in movies. She stated:

“If there are many women leads in a movie, there is one characteristic that separates the heroin from the rest and that is her fearless attitude. In “courage under Fire”, the main lead is played by Meg Ryan. The character she played was a helicopter pilot and was the captain of her squad.”

This is also a way to get more feminist viewers.  The lead women in movies can be influential to young women. After reading this article I looked up another article titled Women In Film Are Underrepresented, Hypersexualized Despite ‘Year of the Woman’ Claims written by Emma Gray. Here are some statistics that she mentioned in her article.

“According to a new report,women were significantly underrepresented in movie speaking roles last year. The study, released by the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California, examined the 100 top-grossing fictional films from 2012. Out of 4,475 speaking characters, only 28.4 percent of them were women — less than in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.”

She mentions that we as women may be underrepresented because they are not only in the movies, but being the scenes as well. I feel like our role as women are down played and assumed that we cannot do what the guys do in their movies. Another reason why I love the movie Enough, which plays Jennifer Lopez. She dominates and show that women are more than just people who are scared and just listen to men. We are down played so much and also easily walked on because we are considered weak, which we are not.

Women in Film

How the Role changed article

Bad Girls Club

Ever watch a show and knows that it’s against just about everything you believe, but still have a hard time trying to look away? Well this is what I’ guilty for when it comes to The Bad Girls Club.


For those of you who don’t know what this show is or what is about here is a little information about it. The Bad Girls Club is an American reality show created by Jonathan Murray and airs on Oxygen. The show places a groups of seven girls in one house who need to remain in this house until their three months are through.  At the end of this trial they are rewarded with $10,000 each. Sounds easy right?! Wrong! All of these girls tend to have some kind of problem, such as psychological or behavioral.  Because of these issues and others like having too much pride. These girls feel they need to “prove” themselves by showing the other girls that they are considered the “baddest girl.” There mission to take this title is what is the core of all of the problems that occur in the house along with the fact that they have rules to follow. For example, not hurting each other physically. This is a reason why some places outside of America have banned from putting this show on air. They feel as though it will influence young teenager to what to do all these bad behaviors. Didn’t think this would be an issue right? Piece of cake placing seven girls in one mansion for three months. Well not when it comes to these girls.

I read an article written by Katie Elaine Boyer titles Stereotyping Women on “Bad Girls Club.” She starts off by talking bout this show being her guilty pleasure and although she is against what people would most likely think about all girls she still cannot stop watching it. She states that she feels like “Bad Girls Club” defies traditional female stereotypes because the stars are generally strong and independent young women who do whatever they want to do. She points out that while men are generally assumed to be the ones who handle their situations or problems by cursing, fighting, and screaming all the girls in the bad girls club handle their problems in that way.  This show does not show positive images of women or empower women at all. As much as I do like this show I must admit I would not want my daughter or younger sisters watching this and/or attempting to ANY of what they do. This may influence to think it is okay to do the things that take place in this show. For example, the girls go out clubbing from time to time and when they do they usually come home with a stranger they found at the club and have sex with them while intoxicated. Another point that Katie mentions is this:

“Each season the producers introduce the cast in the first episode by giving each girl a “title.” Examples of labels audiences are supposed to associate with the characters are: “The Mouth,” “The Party Diva,” “The Drama Queen,” “The Southern Spitfire,” “Chief Executive Bitch,” and “The Botox Barbie.” These titles encourage audiences to stereotype not only the “bad girls” but also girls in their lives. Again, the show’s creators are pushing the idea of self-fulfilling stereotypes.”

Things like this is what our society does not need around today. Things like this may led to dangerous actions, such as a possibly suicide because of titles or things of the sort. Although shows like this may be entertaining to some of us we must also take into consideration the effect it may have on some viewers.  I must admit I am guilty of this, but will also like to mention something about one of the recent seasons. Two of the girls built a bond/friendship and the other girls were jealous so decided to bully them. When the show ended they form this anti-bully program and made it a mission for their viewers to think about bullying and how it can effect people. This I thought was a great idea because us, the viewers witnessed them being bullying and how it was effected them, but they made it out to be something good and very influential to others. Should we still have shows like this on air?!

Katie Boyer’s Article

14 yr old Wanted to be Heard!

Read this! Pretty interesting 🙂

Lego friends

I found this interesting article on Twitter, tweeted by Amanda Yacovelli.

It’s about a 14 year old named Ann and her feelings on this particular Lego toy set they had released. This 14 yr old girl wrote a letter to Lego expressing her feelings about the discrimination and about the message she believes this particular toy gives off about women. She starts off by talking about how much she loves Lego and happy they keep coming out with varies kinds until she came across these set (picture above). She tells us exactly why she is disappointed by saying”

” This is why I was so disappointed  when I recently heard of Lego’s horrible, totally misguided decision to make market line of (very pink) Legos for girls, complete with a girl brushing her hair in the mirror, a bottle of perfume, and more. This is problematic for only two or three MILLION reasons, but let me pick the first, broadest, and most obvious: the idea that if you want to market a ling to girls, it cannot involve any \movement, adventure, or activity. ”

legoo I, honestly, was not aware that they have this set out. After reading this article I can see exactly why she would be upset. The other original Legos have much more room to move and are not constricted to strictly look in the mirror and forced to use this “perfume.” Ann continues to mention that the toy gives off this idea that girls can or should do nothing more than sit and prink.  She feels as though Lego states that boys are having more fun due to the fact that their characters can do so much more. This makes sense to me, I feel as though it is giving the message that we, as women, should be that stay at home mom or house wife from back in the day. What about the stay at home dads or  the girls who don’t like the color pink.

Women have came a long way and this toy makes it seem like we’ve gotten nowhere and are back to what people believed women should be doing with their lives. I’m sitting here trying to think about more toys that this plays a part in. Are there more out there that is giving off a wrong message? If a 14 yr old can point this out and go as far as write a letter to Lego, how do you think the women who worked hard to lost the name of a “stay at home mom/house wife feel?” Some may say that Lego is stereotypical for this toy , I would have to agree and say that I don’t want to be limited to my actions and women can do just as much as men can. It makes us looking boring and limited to certain things, which is not me! How do you feel about it?

click here to view the article itself!

Technology: Taking Over

Technology is taking over little by little. It is growing all the while becoming more and more intelligent, in which soon enough it will be able to do just about anything for us. Just about everyone who was born in this generation knows how to operate anything electronic while some of the elder generations are still struggling to “catch up.” I know my mother is one of those, she wants to try to “fit in” by knowing all about her phone of iPad, but it is very hard for her, which is why it just results into her doing it her way and how they used to back in her day. Bolter stated in Writing in the Late Age of Print, “The computer has been consistently advancing since its introduction in the 1980s. It began as another form of production for printed books and types documents but now gives us the ability to stray away from print.” Many people will argue that it’s easier to read and portable when on the computer or a screen. Books have been made easier because of the computer and its advances. This may also cut down on the way we communicate with others. Although I find it a lot easier to communicate and read things in person or in-hand others can argue against it. Some may say that it is faster and easier to communicate or publish things this way. The older generations are not accustom to that, in which some still go to libraries to check-out books instead of downloading it online. In Bolter’s article Writing he mentions this issue again. He states, “Digital technology is turning out to be one of the more remediation in the history of Western writing. One reason is that digital technology changes the “look” and “feel” of writing and reading.” This newer generation does not take into consideration about how technology has grown. This generation has grown to be a lot lazier and impatient when it comes to technology and its uses. This can not only damage our/their health, but slowly breakdown the knowledge about on certain things. For example, spelling before there was spell-check we had to figure out exactly how to spell things and remember it. Now a days we simply begin to type a word and the  electronic device whether it be a phone or computer can correct it for you. I must say that I am a fan of technology, but at times I feel as though it may be dumbing me down.