About Yesiris

A little about ME!!


My name is Yesiris Seguinot. Before I came to Rowan University I completed my Associates at Camden County College in Early Childhood Education, but now I am majoring in Elementary Education with a dual major in Writing Arts.  My dream of becoming a teacher all began when I was younger playing “teacher” with my two younger sisters as well as looking up to my mother who is a Day Care Teacher in Camden (where I was born and raised). It was not until about a couple semesters ago when I discovered that I actually like writing and was considered “good” at it, at least that’s what I was told by some professors. I plan on going all the way and getting my Master’s with a certification in Special Ed. and possibly teaching in Florida.
A couple of things you might find interesting! I love laughing!! I am absolutely addicted with ICE CREAM. I love drawing. I’m a huge Eagles Fan! 🙂 I went to my first one this past season where they retired McNabb’s jersey. I am a Christian and growing strong in my faith. During my spare time I love watching old classic movies with horrible graphics and not much updated equipment to make the picture perfect. Well have fun on taking a look at how I see things and what my site/page has to offer.  🙂

BELOW are some examples of my artwork! Hope you like. And I would like to add that I design game controllers if your interested!


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