Twitter!! Something I Never Thought About

When it came to Twitter I was never a fan. Many of my friends tried to convince me to get an account and join the world of Twitter, but in my eyes it was just something else to add to my addiction list. When I thought of Twitter it was always just the thought that I can connect with my friends and see what they are up to.

It was not until entering this module of Intro to Writing Arts that I seen what Twitter was “good” for. I had a chance to see how it can benefit me with my future. I began to follow other educators as well as websites that gave me more information about the world and anything about education. For example, I seen a post by We Are Teachers that read:

#PreK to 2 Teachers: Take a dance break and teach #firesafety at the same time with @Stevesongs  #edchat #earlyed

As soon as I took a look at this post I was engaged and knew it was something I could use for my future students considering that I want to be an Elementary School teacher. I was able to views lots of profiles from educators or article websites; although I’ve tried to contact a couple of them and they have not responded. I notice that they are posting things all day and may not be able to take the time out contact me back, which is okay.

Without the knowledge that I’ve gained within this classroom about Twitter there is no way I would be able to use these great ideas that others have to include in my classrooms.



  1. I completely agree. I had never had a twitter before this class, but now that I do have one and have learned how to use all different technologies that are offered, I am much more prepared for having my own classroom. Through not only twitter but the many other apps we learned how to use, I now have more resources for ideas and information than I had before. With teaching, the more ideas and information you have, the better.

  2. I’ve had a twitter before this class, but I don’t think I ever used it to its full potential. Through the small amount of time we’ve been in this class I’ve gain so much knowledge of how to use twitter professionally. I’m able to communicate with people around the world, who are all sharing helpful and interesting things (if you follow the right people). Without this class I don’t think I would have ever seen it’s potential. I’m excited to use this for the future.

  3. I use Twitter very much as a promotional / connection-making / mini-blogging tool. It’s an ideal way of getting your work out there, engaging with fans, and making professional connections.

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