The Future of Writing

My Prezi can be found here.

How do we handle the massive amounts of information we have access to?

There are many ways to handle mass quantities of information. We can use Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeders such as Feedly, Prismatic, and Zite, so that the information is all in one convenient place even though the information is from different sources.

What does it mean “to write” and to be “a writer” today?

Modern day writing has left paper and  is no longer comprised solely of text. Writing is made of text as well as  images, video, and audio. It is this combination which makes today’s writing multimodal.

Being a writer today means that you have to be technologically literate. You need to know and frequently use sites like Twitter and Facebook in order to build your writer’s platform and to secure and maintain your professional network. More importantly, as a writer attempting to go into any field, is the creation of an easily accessible collection of your work or portfolio. It is important to create a digital portfolio and post it online. After you post your work you should then brag out about it to your social network on Twitter and Facebook.

How is literacy changing?

Literacy is now technological. Traditionally, literacy is the ability to read and write, but today, it is the ability to interact with modern technology and media.

How does the space where writing occurs impact the writing itself? What role does mobile play in all this?

Where writing is composed affects its multimodality. If you are composing on a piece of paper, chances are that you are not going to include audio or video components, but you can include text and images. If you are creating your work in a word processing program or on a blog you can use hypertext and create forms of electronic literature, which can connect your work to the work of others. When you compose a blog you can insert multimedia elements like images, audio, video, and flash elements.

So how does this apply to mobile devices?  Most people today have a tablet or other mobile device. This means we can compose on the go! We can access our work anytime, anywhere, on almost any device—and so can everyone else.

And what do you think writing will look like and where will it be completed in the future?

The future of writing is changing. I do not believe the future of writing will be confined to text. I think creative multimodal multigenre pieces will begin to emerge and they will use multimodality to create a more effective message or story.


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