RE: Happy Birthday Colin!

In Arielle’s blog about the recent craze over Colin’s birthday she commented on the benefits of social media.

I have to agree and disagree: social media is not bad for our social habits-it is changing them. No one ever welcomes change with open arms so when events like this where parents used social media to rally a bunch of well-wishers for their, the message is beneficial. But this isn’t the only mass media trend that’s been happening, especially from the parental side of the equation.
Have you heard of shaming? It’s not just embarrassing the kid locally-it’s a national scale. Here, Smosh list 19 of the funniest Kid Shaming images they could find. While some Kid Shaming (and even Pet Shaming) is absolutely adorable, like the young girl to the left who dumped glue and glitter on her younger brother and dog, some parents are using it to shame their older children who do anything ranging from posting inappropriate pictures of themselves on social media to pretending to sell drugs to bullying their peers.

Personally, I think that’s awesome. We are in an age we what we do in say online and in real life can now be preserved. I think it’s a valuable lesson, not in applicable social behavior in person but also being smart online.



  1. While I think the shaming craze can be cute/funny/interesting I am torn on this part of social media. I think it has an effect on a local scale. If the parents are posting it and it’s getting around to those kids’ friends, they may regret what they have done, especially going to school the next day (because kids can be relentless). However, at the same time, on a national/global scale it doesn’t really do anything. What do I care if some kid in Ohio thinks I’m an idiot? It’s unlikely that I’ll ever have to come in contact with someone who has seen a “shame picture” of me via internet. It’s an interesting thought, and I’d like to see some research on how it affects the subject of the photo, you know?

    1. You know-I would too. I imagine-in our “adult” minds that we think along those same lines “no one in ohio would care” but im willing to bet a child sees the global communication as the end all be all because EVERYONE knows.

  2. I sometimes enjoy pet shaming pictures, because most of them are adorable and they aren’t able to feel the repercussions of social media, but when it comes to kid shaming, I’m uneasy. You’re right, kids are certainly relentless, and it could come back to haunt them in the future, but when they do something wrong, like stealing, they need to be reprimanded. I just don’t know, I’m sometimes pretty uneasy about it all.

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