Redefining Gender Roles

While recently on Twitter, I saw an article that Yesiris tweeted, and it sparked my interest. This article is about a photographer that decided to use his love of photography to express a certain message. This photographer, JJ Levine, recreates typical domestic environments that play with gender roles.

shower  He decided that in these pictures he would use one model, to depict both the male and female in the picture. Levine says the result “challenges the normative idea that gender presentation is stable or constant. Rather, gender expression can be fluid and multiple.” The way he sets up these scenarios makes it easy for the viewer to not only understand the scenes, but relate to them as well. They are normal domestic scenes that almost everyone has taken part in at some point. kitcehnI personally liked this article because it definitely opened my eyes to possibly question, “could I live as the opposite sex?” or possibly “do I possess some opposite sex-like qualities?” It is definitely an eye opener and can possibly expose those who are not necessarily familiar with this topic.



  1. It actually took me reading your post to notice that the model in the pictures was the same for both the male and female portrayals. I love the fact that at first glance it seems to be a simple picture but instead carries so much more meaning behind it. I myself wonder if I could live as the opposite sex for a day. I imagine it to be quite hard. An interesting experiment none the less.

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