The Role in Women in Movies

The role of women have changed throughout the years when it comes to the movies. One thing that remained the same was the fact that the directors try to attract the male audience by placing “eye candy” in these movies. It’s a way of gaining more viewers.

This article I’ve read titled How the Role of Women Has Changed in Movies: Changing Role of Women in Cinema written by Tinashe Nyatanga. She stated that in the 50s men would flock to the movies screens all because of one sensation. She claimed that they merely focused on ladies such as Marilyn Monroe. She was known and attractive because of her appearance- her blonde hair and perfect lips. She expresses the fact that the first characteristic is that the leads roles are played by women. She talks about the women as leads in movies. She stated:

“If there are many women leads in a movie, there is one characteristic that separates the heroin from the rest and that is her fearless attitude. In “courage under Fire”, the main lead is played by Meg Ryan. The character she played was a helicopter pilot and was the captain of her squad.”

This is also a way to get more feminist viewers.  The lead women in movies can be influential to young women. After reading this article I looked up another article titled Women In Film Are Underrepresented, Hypersexualized Despite ‘Year of the Woman’ Claims written by Emma Gray. Here are some statistics that she mentioned in her article.

“According to a new report,women were significantly underrepresented in movie speaking roles last year. The study, released by the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California, examined the 100 top-grossing fictional films from 2012. Out of 4,475 speaking characters, only 28.4 percent of them were women — less than in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.”

She mentions that we as women may be underrepresented because they are not only in the movies, but being the scenes as well. I feel like our role as women are down played and assumed that we cannot do what the guys do in their movies. Another reason why I love the movie Enough, which plays Jennifer Lopez. She dominates and show that women are more than just people who are scared and just listen to men. We are down played so much and also easily walked on because we are considered weak, which we are not.

Women in Film

How the Role changed article



  1. I totally love the fact that you decided to talk about the role of women in cinema. I’ve been studying it for a year now and I’m severely interested in it, and I whole-heartedly agree that women have been completely misrepresented on screen and are very unrepresented. Hopefully, though, with the new surge of female heads behind the scenes we’ll start to get better quality films with more female-driven plot lines as opposed to the extremely boring male ones. 🙂

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  3. I agree with you and Amy, that woman have been misrepresented for quite some time in theater and movies, but I can honestly say that I see this changing in the upcoming future, because there are more women who are getting involved with not only the writing of the films, but directing and acting as well.

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