Bad Girls Club

Ever watch a show and knows that it’s against just about everything you believe, but still have a hard time trying to look away? Well this is what I’ guilty for when it comes to The Bad Girls Club.


For those of you who don’t know what this show is or what is about here is a little information about it. The Bad Girls Club is an American reality show created by Jonathan Murray and airs on Oxygen. The show places a groups of seven girls in one house who need to remain in this house until their three months are through.  At the end of this trial they are rewarded with $10,000 each. Sounds easy right?! Wrong! All of these girls tend to have some kind of problem, such as psychological or behavioral.  Because of these issues and others like having too much pride. These girls feel they need to “prove” themselves by showing the other girls that they are considered the “baddest girl.” There mission to take this title is what is the core of all of the problems that occur in the house along with the fact that they have rules to follow. For example, not hurting each other physically. This is a reason why some places outside of America have banned from putting this show on air. They feel as though it will influence young teenager to what to do all these bad behaviors. Didn’t think this would be an issue right? Piece of cake placing seven girls in one mansion for three months. Well not when it comes to these girls.

I read an article written by Katie Elaine Boyer titles Stereotyping Women on “Bad Girls Club.” She starts off by talking bout this show being her guilty pleasure and although she is against what people would most likely think about all girls she still cannot stop watching it. She states that she feels like “Bad Girls Club” defies traditional female stereotypes because the stars are generally strong and independent young women who do whatever they want to do. She points out that while men are generally assumed to be the ones who handle their situations or problems by cursing, fighting, and screaming all the girls in the bad girls club handle their problems in that way.  This show does not show positive images of women or empower women at all. As much as I do like this show I must admit I would not want my daughter or younger sisters watching this and/or attempting to ANY of what they do. This may influence to think it is okay to do the things that take place in this show. For example, the girls go out clubbing from time to time and when they do they usually come home with a stranger they found at the club and have sex with them while intoxicated. Another point that Katie mentions is this:

“Each season the producers introduce the cast in the first episode by giving each girl a “title.” Examples of labels audiences are supposed to associate with the characters are: “The Mouth,” “The Party Diva,” “The Drama Queen,” “The Southern Spitfire,” “Chief Executive Bitch,” and “The Botox Barbie.” These titles encourage audiences to stereotype not only the “bad girls” but also girls in their lives. Again, the show’s creators are pushing the idea of self-fulfilling stereotypes.”

Things like this is what our society does not need around today. Things like this may led to dangerous actions, such as a possibly suicide because of titles or things of the sort. Although shows like this may be entertaining to some of us we must also take into consideration the effect it may have on some viewers.  I must admit I am guilty of this, but will also like to mention something about one of the recent seasons. Two of the girls built a bond/friendship and the other girls were jealous so decided to bully them. When the show ended they form this anti-bully program and made it a mission for their viewers to think about bullying and how it can effect people. This I thought was a great idea because us, the viewers witnessed them being bullying and how it was effected them, but they made it out to be something good and very influential to others. Should we still have shows like this on air?!

Katie Boyer’s Article


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  1. I have never watched this show before but after reading your post I am actually pretty intrigued by this! I think it’s cool that someone actually went ahead and wrote an article about the show and the characters that the girls take on. I like that you mentioned that Boyer’s article says that the girls defy gender roles by being independent and handling situations in ways that might be more typical for a man. I also think it’s interesting because women sticking up for themselves is something that should be praised and not looked down upon. Of course, I know this show does not show women sticking up for themselves in the best way. However, I also hope women don’t come away from watching the show thinking they can never get mad or stick up for themselves in fear of looking like these girls do.

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