14 yr old Wanted to be Heard!

Read this! Pretty interesting 🙂

Lego friends

I found this interesting article on Twitter, tweeted by Amanda Yacovelli.

It’s about a 14 year old named Ann and her feelings on this particular Lego toy set they had released. This 14 yr old girl wrote a letter to Lego expressing her feelings about the discrimination and about the message she believes this particular toy gives off about women. She starts off by talking about how much she loves Lego and happy they keep coming out with varies kinds until she came across these set (picture above). She tells us exactly why she is disappointed by saying”

” This is why I was so disappointed  when I recently heard of Lego’s horrible, totally misguided decision to make market line of (very pink) Legos for girls, complete with a girl brushing her hair in the mirror, a bottle of perfume, and more. This is problematic for only two or three MILLION reasons, but let me pick the first, broadest, and most obvious: the idea that if you want to market a ling to girls, it cannot involve any \movement, adventure, or activity. ”

legoo I, honestly, was not aware that they have this set out. After reading this article I can see exactly why she would be upset. The other original Legos have much more room to move and are not constricted to strictly look in the mirror and forced to use this “perfume.” Ann continues to mention that the toy gives off this idea that girls can or should do nothing more than sit and prink.  She feels as though Lego states that boys are having more fun due to the fact that their characters can do so much more. This makes sense to me, I feel as though it is giving the message that we, as women, should be that stay at home mom or house wife from back in the day. What about the stay at home dads or  the girls who don’t like the color pink.

Women have came a long way and this toy makes it seem like we’ve gotten nowhere and are back to what people believed women should be doing with their lives. I’m sitting here trying to think about more toys that this plays a part in. Are there more out there that is giving off a wrong message? If a 14 yr old can point this out and go as far as write a letter to Lego, how do you think the women who worked hard to lost the name of a “stay at home mom/house wife feel?” Some may say that Lego is stereotypical for this toy , I would have to agree and say that I don’t want to be limited to my actions and women can do just as much as men can. It makes us looking boring and limited to certain things, which is not me! How do you feel about it?

click here to view the article itself!



  1. I was not aware of this. What a great story. It is wonderful to see a young lady speak up and not be a passive consumer. If these companies are not told how we feel as consumers they will continue to sell what they “think” we want. We have to be more vocal about what’s being sold to us. This young lady was very smart and brave for expressing how she feels. Kudos to her!!

  2. If you’re truly interested in lego and how gender seems to work in them, I direct you a couple of videos on the subject. They sort of deconstruct lego and examine when it went from being relatively gender neutral to being mostly a “boy’s club.” I’m kind of repeating the videos, but gendered toys have kind of become a self fulfilling prophecy. They believe girls want these products, so they market to girls, so girls buy them (or they are bought for girls), so it appears that girls want them.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrmRxGLn0Bk part one
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe65EGkB9kA part two

  3. I’m excited to see that this article is being used full circle and that the posts are being shared through twitter, but then blogged about and so the cycle continues. In regards to the article, it’s amazing that such a young girl was able to see what was wrong with the images that were being portrayed through Lego. How is it that no one else has seen it and changed it by now? There is no reason that the girls should only be portrayed in one light. Let them all be equal. After all, everything the women are doing the men do as well, so lets switch up those roles!

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