The Longevity of Literacy

In Bolter’s article he states that “Literacy is, among other things, realization that language can have a visual as well as an aural dimension, that one’s words can be recorded and shown to others who are not present, perhaps not even alive, at the time of the recording.” I loved this quote because it really is true. If you think about it, literacy and language have been around for far more many years than we, of the modern day, have, yet we use it every day. Life would be impossible without language. Every day language and literacy are somehow used. Whether it’s reading or sending a text, reading an advertisement, reading a street sign, writing your name, etc. there are endless ways that we use literacy every day. Thinking about how many years between the beginning of language creation and today may seem unfathomable  but what is even more unfathomable is that some of the language we use today is the same if not extremely similar to the language that was used then. Because of many ways of documentation, we are able to see that. From the very beginnings of literature ,there have been ways of recording it to share with others. Some works have been so well kept that we, people of today can still have the opportunity to read them long after their authors passed. That is the incredible thing about literacy and language. Each passing time period has it’s own progression in the documentation of literacy, but each new progression makes it easier and easier for the future generations to share the knowledge and writings of their ancestors. To me that is absolutely incredible, and one of the most exciting things about literacy and developments in technology. I also liked when he said “ No technology, not even the apparently autonomous computer, can ever function as a writing space in the absence of human writers and readers.” I completely agree with this statement. Throughout the time of literacy many advances in technology have been made, but no matter how advanced the technology may become, nothing will replace the human writer. The computer is an amazing piece of technology, but without the human, it would not be able to produce quality writing. The computer and other technologies are merely tools to aid the writing and reading process. The computer is just an advanced technology making it easier to permanently document thoughts. I agree that these writing and reading tools will never be able to replace the human writer and reader.


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