Technology: Taking Over

Technology is taking over little by little. It is growing all the while becoming more and more intelligent, in which soon enough it will be able to do just about anything for us. Just about everyone who was born in this generation knows how to operate anything electronic while some of the elder generations are still struggling to “catch up.” I know my mother is one of those, she wants to try to “fit in” by knowing all about her phone of iPad, but it is very hard for her, which is why it just results into her doing it her way and how they used to back in her day. Bolter stated in Writing in the Late Age of Print, “The computer has been consistently advancing since its introduction in the 1980s. It began as another form of production for printed books and types documents but now gives us the ability to stray away from print.” Many people will argue that it’s easier to read and portable when on the computer or a screen. Books have been made easier because of the computer and its advances. This may also cut down on the way we communicate with others. Although I find it a lot easier to communicate and read things in person or in-hand others can argue against it. Some may say that it is faster and easier to communicate or publish things this way. The older generations are not accustom to that, in which some still go to libraries to check-out books instead of downloading it online. In Bolter’s article Writing he mentions this issue again. He states, “Digital technology is turning out to be one of the more remediation in the history of Western writing. One reason is that digital technology changes the “look” and “feel” of writing and reading.” This newer generation does not take into consideration about how technology has grown. This generation has grown to be a lot lazier and impatient when it comes to technology and its uses. This can not only damage our/their health, but slowly breakdown the knowledge about on certain things. For example, spelling before there was spell-check we had to figure out exactly how to spell things and remember it. Now a days we simply begin to type a word and the  electronic device whether it be a phone or computer can correct it for you. I must say that I am a fan of technology, but at times I feel as though it may be dumbing me down.


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